Buddy’s Birth Story

I probably won't endear myself to any female readers, especially mothers, but here is my account of my sons birth. I awoke about 8.30am alone in the bed. I checked the en suite, no one there. Off downstairs I went. I found Mrs OMG in the kitchen not looking too healthy.  "Are You OK?" I … Continue reading Buddy’s Birth Story


I blame my parents!

I had what can only be called an epiphany last night. Probably not quite as dramatic as Saul on the road to Damascus, but as equally enlightening. I'll set the scene. The youngest lad, my little buddy, must be sensing the imminent arrival and has gone off the idea of being a big boy in … Continue reading I blame my parents!

Clothes Shopping

So in an effort to get me adjusted to the idea of having a baby girl herself decided clothes shopping would be a good idea. Tesco's were having a sale and bargains were to be had. Off we went. Its not hard to find the girls section. Like a neon pink beacon in the sky. … Continue reading Clothes Shopping

Why having a girl is OMG for me!!

Why does the thought of having a girl terrify me? My mother is a girl, my sister (who I spent seventeen years with) and still speak to and visit, is a girl. Although I went to an all boys boarding school, I remember living for trips out into the world, specifically so we could meet … Continue reading Why having a girl is OMG for me!!