What Might Have Been !!

It's amazing what science can do these days! I saw a movie on True Movies the other day, about a couple who lost their daughter to a genetic disorder, and had a clone made. It got me thinking. What would have happened if I had been given the choice to pre select the gender of … Continue reading What Might Have Been !!


Disney Princesses

  When I started this blog a few short weeks ago, it was envisioned as a humorous take on having a daughter after 3 boys. Anecdotes, a light hear-ted look at the problems us men have to face when raising a girl. Dating, the fear of teenage pregnancies, boyfriends etc. In the short time I've … Continue reading Disney Princesses

One Week In

I'm still itching to write a post on all the wonderful gadgets available to the modern father. I say father, they are not exclusive to us men, just we are more prone to using technology for any excuse possible. I've decided though that being as #BabyPink has been home for a week. Now would be a … Continue reading One Week In

Stereotypes. Am I falling into them already

I had planned to write today about the wonderful electronic gadgets available nowadays. I've noticed some great ones. Smart Phone Video and Sound Baby Monitors, Electronic bottle Warmers, there are a host of gadgets to make the modern mans job easier, well more fun at least, we do love our toys. I then read a … Continue reading Stereotypes. Am I falling into them already

Five Things I’ve Learnt Since My Daughter Was Born

As anyone who has been following my posts will know. I was terrified of bringing a baby girl into my house of boys. Well she has been home nearly 24 hours now and I've learnt so much already. 1. There is Pink everywhere! Now don't get me wrong I like a pink shirt, and own … Continue reading Five Things I’ve Learnt Since My Daughter Was Born

Baby Pink Has Arrived

Baby Pink   Firstly my thanks to El for the name Baby Pink.  I was wondering what I should refer to my daughter as on this blog. Initials seem so impersonal. Much as I am thrusting her into the public eye, albeit a very small one at present, with time I hope it will grow further. … Continue reading Baby Pink Has Arrived