Great start to a Blogging Week

Well what a start to my blogging week. Yesterday saw my first guest post. This was on Hosted by the lovely Mary. A cancer survivor who now shares her love of music through her blog. Please do check it out. I also received a Leiber Award from Laura over at She set some … Continue reading Great start to a Blogging Week


Moment in a Photo

This is not only my photo of the week, but also my favourite I've ever taken. I've often looked at newborn photoshoot pictures and wished I had some of my little lad. When #BabyPink arrived I made enquiries to a photographer but the price was €150. Way out of my price range. So I decided … Continue reading Moment in a Photo


Much is made of Wicked Stepmothers in the movies. Cinderella had one,  Sleeping beauty etc. Step fathers on the other hand get it easy. Well at least from Disney's point of view. It's not that stepmothers are wicked per se and stepfathers aren't. I'm guessing it is just a caricature of the relationship between a … Continue reading Stepdads

The Law is an ASS!

Can you imagine a country where the father of a child has no legal rights over that child at birth. Yet another man, by virtue of having married the mother, yet had no contact with her for nearly 5 years, is automatically classed as being the father? The husband has to sign a form stating … Continue reading The Law is an ASS!

Gambling Addiction

I didn't realise till this morning, but next week is the Cheltenham Festival. I used to love this week of the year. The nights start to get noticeably longer. It's light in the mornings when I wake, and the cream of the National Hunt horses head to Cheltenham for five days of the best racing. … Continue reading Gambling Addiction


When I started this blog it was with the intention of blogging about the highs and lows of raising a girl in a house of boys. Since reading The Dad Networks post on setting blogging goals. I've rethought what I hope to achieve, and where I want the blog to go. The main things I … Continue reading Changes