Moment in a Photo


This is not only my photo of the week, but also my favourite I’ve ever taken.

I’ve often looked at newborn photoshoot pictures and wished I had some of my little lad. When #BabyPink arrived I made enquiries to a photographer but the price was €150. Way out of my price range.

So I decided to try myself. Armed with my Motorola smartphone, a fleece blanket and #BabyPink we set off to thbedroom to try it for myself.

The above photo was the result!

In My World Of Multitasking


4 thoughts on “Moment in a Photo

  1. Awee such a beautiful photo and beautiful little girl!!! I think you did a wonderful job, want to get a good photo of my 3 little ones together 😉 hahahaa
    Thanks for linking up to #MomentInAPhoto

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Awesome, Can’t wait to see what photo you share next week!!
        What is your Twitter @name I’d love to follow and could also send you reminders when the link up is live every Monday!!


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