My Sunday Photo 2

Last week's #mysundayphoto was Little Miss OMG at her determined best, playing Basketball. This week's was going to be a nice shot of her inspecting our new mini Rose bush. If you look closer you will see she is actually pulling one of the flower heads. This is because earlier in the week she watched her Mother … Continue reading My Sunday Photo 2


Word of the Week 1

We've already covered Little Miss OMG's love of the outdoors and her determined streak here, and how she can tell a fib or two here She also has a mischievous streak!  Her vocabulary is coming along leaps and bounds. It seems every day she has new words. Meam = Ice Cream (It also doubles for trampoline) No swiftly became … Continue reading Word of the Week 1

FFS Parenting!

The wonderful @moderndadpages wrote a post on a new type of parent. As soon as I read it I identified. Let's face it there's not a day that goes by that one or all of my kids have me saying FFS! Here are just a few recent examples: "Can you get my PlayStation working?" When I go in … Continue reading FFS Parenting!

Same Sex Or Mixed School?

My education was a bit different than most. After leaving a mixed primary school I went to New College School, Oxford a private boys school. There were a few issues with this, some school related others non school related that meant I only completed First Form. A brief spell of attendance at the Middle School … Continue reading Same Sex Or Mixed School?

The Best Parenting Book Ever! 

If you type parenting books into an Amazon search, you get 194,201 results.  That's a lot of advice.  I've been a step father since August 2007 and a father since Nov 2008. In that time I've had to deal with tears, tantrums, accidents, injuries, Autism diagnosis, hospital stays, fussy eating, potty training, weaning, starting nursery, primary school … Continue reading The Best Parenting Book Ever! 

My Sunday Photo 1

One of the best things about raising children is watching them grow from tiny helpless babies that need you for everything into little people, young adults and eventually into independent adults. Little Miss OMG has now reached toddlerhood, with it has come tantrums, foot stamping, and a level of independence not seen in the boys. … Continue reading My Sunday Photo 1

My Child Told Her First Lie!

photo credit: IMG_0375 via photopin (license) Those regular followers of my social media accounts, all two of you, one if you don't count my mother! Will be fully aware that the child in question (Little Miss OMG) is 17 months old. Technically she has told her first lie. In fact she's going for a world … Continue reading My Child Told Her First Lie!