My Child Told Her First Lie!

photo credit: IMG_0375 via photopin (license)

Those regular followers of my social media accounts, all two of you, one if you don’t count my mother! Will be fully aware that the child in question (Little Miss OMG) is 17 months old.

Technically she has told her first lie. In fact she’s going for a world record. Some days she can accomplish the feat of lying for about 10 if not more questions in a row!

Now before you think I’m raising a pathological liar I should clarify things.Going by the dictionary meaning

Lie –  An intentionally false statement.

Little Miss OMG doesn’t lie. She doesn’t have the capacity and understanding to lie for the purposes of deception. YET! She does utter a good few false statements.

That day will come though. Every child lies at some point and I’m starting to believe how we react to that first one sets the tone for their attitude to truth and lies.

Lying is one of those things that everyone seems to agree is abhorant. So when our little darlings tell their first porky, normally to cover up something they’ve done, we lose our shit. Take away screen time, treats, rant and rave and make it known that lying is nlt acceptable.

Being a little gobshite when younger I did tell a lie or two, this was met with physical punishment (smacking) and had the consequence of me being afraid to own up to any further indiscretions or accidents.

Now I don’t smack my kids, but have been guilty of the losing my cool response to lying with the boys, which has resulted in a similar response. At the end of the day, we associate the punishment with the indiscretion not the lie.

I want them all to be able to come to me about anything. 

So from now on I will be approaching lying in a new way. Calm and collected, ensuring that if they own up to whatever they’ve done they will not have the wrath of Dad reign upon them. 

We’ll see what happens when Little Miss OMG tells her first lie. 

How do you deal with your children lying? 


3 thoughts on “My Child Told Her First Lie!

  1. Thought provoking post. I always try to keep calm and have an open discussion because as a parent, I want to know the truth behind the lying. Why did they lie? I always tell my children the truth, of how their lies made me feel and what it does to the other person but yes, it does always come with a consequence. Sometimes I let them decide what that consequence would be.


    1. Great advice there. In this house Daddy normally loses his shit! I’m trying to change as I’ve realised that could be part of why they lie. It’s hard for a child to separate bat shit crazy over a lie or what they actually did.

      Thanks for commenting😃


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