My Sunday Photo 2

Last week’s #mysundayphoto was Little Miss OMG at her determined best, playing Basketball.

This week’s was going to be a nice shot of her inspecting our new mini Rose bush.

If you look closer you will see she is actually pulling one of the flower heads.

This is because earlier in the week she watched her Mother and I dead head some other plants. Now she thinks every  flower needs dead heading.

So far this week I’ve stopped her “dead heading” the neighbours flowers, the flowers in the park and the ones in Homebase.

I daren’t take her anywhere near the 1916 memorial garden!


38 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo 2

  1. Oh don’t you just love it! My youngest likes to help “deadhead” her Grandma’s flowers – it’s not always so appreciated. Isn’t it funny how little ones do things like that when you’re trying to get them to look like they’re doing something else. Definitely a shot that sums up toddlers! 🙂

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  2. How adorable… but learning new skills like gardening and all that it entails can be tricky. I’m sure she’ll be reminded of this photo when she’s older and has her own beautiful full headed blooming garden! ;D

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  3. Yes, there’s ‘helpful’ and there’s ‘oh no, please don’t!’
    I just love when children copy us with all Best intentions and it does in utter chaos of our own making. you gotta smile, otherwise you’ll just cry!


  4. She looks like she is having a fab time so why are you spoiling her fun lol very cute picture Thanks for linking to the #binkylinky


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