I Hate WWE 

Photo License: (license) Before I begin can I say I'm not trying to convert any wrestling fans here, there are many out there and if you enjoy it then that's fine. It's just not for me. Now that we have that out of the way onto the post! I've a number of reasons for disliking WWE … Continue reading I Hate WWE 


I’m a Dad not a Superhero!

Superhero @ Fed Square via photopin (license) It seems that recently there have been a slew of articles, posts and memes from Dad's  self congratulating themselves for being a hands on Dad! AND women congratulating Men for being brilliant Dad's just for being a Dad. (Hope that makes sense) Now before you keyboard warriors start … Continue reading I’m a Dad not a Superhero!

From the mouths of Babes 4

Little Miss OMG's vocabulary is expanding by the day. It seems that she is coming out with new words every day. Yesterday we had : Ton = stone Ink = drink Ca = car She had her brothers names down a while ago but yesterday a new and wholly unexpected word came out of my … Continue reading From the mouths of Babes 4

My Sunday Photo 5

We recently went shopping to buy Little Miss OMG some new clothes, as she is rapidly growing out of most of her current wardrobe. We found some nice ones and over the last few days she has worn these outfits. Ive tried to get some photos, but Little Miss OMG is not one for sitting … Continue reading My Sunday Photo 5

From The Mouths of Babes 3

This week has been full of tears, tantrums and meltdowns. The kids have been a bit cranky too! So I've delved into the archives for a classic that Stepson Number 2 came out with. He had been complaining about a pain in his groin so we made an appointment for the Dr. I drove him … Continue reading From The Mouths of Babes 3