Sibling Age Gaps

After Buddy was born Mrs OMG and I agreed that 3 children was plenty for us. The pregnancy and  birth weren’t the easiest. Read his birth story here

Fast forward 6 years and in a moment of madness we decided a fourth would be a good idea! 

Little Miss OMG was born when Buddy was 6 and a bit. Throughout the pregnancy he was adamant he wanted a baby brother. Even telling Mrs OMG not to come home from the hospital with a girl! Oh dear, Houston we have a problem!

For two days after Little Miss OMG came home he barely came out of his bedroom! 

Thankfully this phase soon passed and now they are the best of friends. She is a little bully, takes everything off him, slaps him, jumps on him and doesn’t leave him alone.

Not once though has he gotten cross with her. Raised his voice or told us to get her away from him.

I hope they keep this bond and it gets stronger the older they get. 

I’m not what you would call close to my sister or half brothers and sister. Without Facebook I’d have no interaction with my half siblings and speak to my sister a few times a year on the phone, and text or message every few weeks.

Perhaps if we lived closer it might be different.

What age gaps do you have with your children? Does it make a difference?


12 thoughts on “Sibling Age Gaps

  1. We have two girls at 11 & 12 then our boy is 3. I’m not sure if it would be different having older boys and a younger girl, but our boy terrorises the girls and is a lot more boisterous causing them to squabble a little. Most of the time however they get on well. I myself am 30 and have a brother who’s only 12. It’s strange because he’s the same age as one of my kids so our relationship is more adult & child than on a level brotherly playing field. Good read 😀


  2. Mine are 9 & 6. 3 1/2 year gap which was timed to allow for starting school/maternity leave. I sometimed wonder if I should have had a third but don’t think I could start again now. #bigpinklink Lifeinthemumslane


    1. It was amazing how easily it all came back to us.
      Probably just because I’m a little bit older but the energy levels aren’t quite there after a bad night teething 😥
      Other than that it’s all good so far. :mrgreen:


  3. We have a two year age gap between ours girls. Our eldest is nearly 3 and wasn’t a huge fan of her sister to begin with. Now she’s completely obsessed with her and I can already tell they’ll be the best of friends. I don’t think there is a ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ age gap, I think its different for every child and family. Certainly sounds like your youngest two get along beautifully! Thanks for linking to #bigpinklink


    1. We were so lucky with Buddy. He sulked in his room for a couple of days and since then has been brilliant with her.
      I do wonder though about when he goes off to big school and won’t want her hanginv on his coat tails anymore.
      Thanks so much for commenting.


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