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When I was a child we had no screen time at all! The 6 o’clock news was about the only thing that was regularly on.

If my Sister and I wanted to watch something we had to take The Times t.v. section to Mum, she would read what they had written and then invariably say no.

There were occasions we would watch something together. A musical, Oliver! Annie, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang etc. Or maybe a drama Gone With the Wind, all 3 hours of it.(My Ma is from Louisiana in the deep south so it’s a must watch) All major sporting events, The Olympics, The Boat Race and Wimbledon.
Saturday morning childrens t.v. was a no no! So was Top of the Pops, The Bill.

Did I miss out by not being able to watch these programmes? Not at all.

Fast forward 30 years to my house. The TV is on practically 24 hours a day.

Yet like right now, most of the time, nobody is watching anything. There are programmes the kids like and will watch, but thanks to the beauty of Sky, they can either watch on their tablets, Xbox or even a phone.

Most of the the time they record it on Sky + or just download programmes from On Demand. It doesn’t come cheap, but to my mind is worth every penny for the convenience it brings. It also means Mrs OMG can record her soaps and watch them when the children are in bed, as I feel these aren’t suitable for them yet.

Could I tell you how much screen time they get each day? Not a clue! There will be some of you now putting me down as one of those lazy parents who use the t.v. as a babysitter to occupy the kids while I sit and blog or tweet. That’s fine. I know this isn’t the case.

Today, like most days they all got well over the recommended 30 mins of physical activity. In fact I’d say they got about 4 and today was the day they all got new computer games.

We do keep a close watch on what they are watching, just not how long they are watching for. In my experience the more something is denied the more interest there is in it.

Little Miss OMG shows barely any interest in the tv at all. She would rather look at photo’s on the phone or play with a ball or on the trampoline.

My Sunday Photo 1

I’m not sure what we are going to do with her when the cold, dark winter nights come around.


11 thoughts on “Children and Screen Time

  1. God I love to read about someone else who doesn’t limit screen time! We try and get out as much as we can but when we’re in the house it is screen heavy. To be honest it’s just not worth the battle – they will eventually walk away from it of their own accord

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  2. Well, this makes me feel a whole lot better. Little Miss does have quite a bit of screen time. But all the programmes she watches are educational. We also do so much other stuff that I don’t worry about it. Hugs Lucy xxxx

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    1. I think there is so much made of it nowadays. Once it is balanced and they are getting exercise, reading and other interests it’s one battle I’ll save till it affects other interests.
      Thanks for commenting 😀


  3. I wish I could limit her screen time but the I wouldn’t know all the words to all the programmes on the Disney Channel would I! To be honest the TV is on pretty much 24/7 but she doesn’t watch it as much as it seems. She’s gets bored and goes off to play then comes back to it. I agree if you limit something it suddenly becomes more desirable

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    1. Yeah we have BabyTv on all day and she glances as it for 5 mins. She has started to take an interest in Ballymorey though.
      The boys go through fits and starts, one day them seem to be glued other days don’t watch at all.


  4. Oliver probably has too much screen time, but he also spends hours running around and more playing with his toys and daddy’s lego. I think it’s only really a problem if the TV is used as a way to avoid spending time with your kids. A lot of the time I will watch something with Oliver and we will talk about it. I’ll help him to understand any words he doesn’t know too.


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