From the mouths of Babes 4

Little Miss OMG’s vocabulary is expanding by the day. It seems that she is coming out with new words every day.

Yesterday we had :

  • Ton = stone
  • Ink = drink
  • Ca = car

She had her brothers names down a while ago but yesterday a new and wholly unexpected word came out of my sweet littke girls mouth.

I was watering the flowers and she wanted to help, I gave her a hug with some water in. After she had poured this out onto the flowers she said “More” I was busy doing something for Buddy so told her I would get her some more in a minute and turned back to finish helping Buddy.

“Daddy, Daddy, Dada, Dadeeeeee!”

“In a minute baby”


Well I nearly dropped whatever I was holding. I know that at some point she was going to realise Daddy had another name, but I’d thought it would be a few yeara down the road.

I suppose hearing her older brothers (my stepsons) calling me Alan has sped things up.

It appears she has learnt Alan gets a quicker response than Daddy!


8 thoughts on “From the mouths of Babes 4

  1. Haha brilliant. My Monkey calls us by nic and Caroline sometimes after hearing other people call us that, but thankfully mummy and daddy still most of the time… Our LM barely even says mummy and daddy yet so hopefully a way off before she says Caroline or Nic instead! #ftmob


  2. It does sound funny when they call you by your first name – my son decided to call my husband Chris instead of Daddy, and nothing we can say will dissuade him! We are used to it, but when he does it in the supermarket it always raises a few smiles 🙂
    x Alice

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  3. Oh how funny that she called your by your name instead of Daddy. My girls do that sometimes too – they stand at the bottom of the stairs and shout “Michael! Get up Michael!” – clearly they’ve seen me doing it far too often! Thank you for linking up to #ftmob 🙂

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