If it looks like chocolate… 

A humourous, if slightly disgusting tale of mistaken identity.


Fasten your Seatbelts We’ve hit Turbulence!

A look at how Little Miss OMG is developing now that she is nearly two. The good, the bad and the ugly.

My Daughter Isn’t a Pretty Girl

After reading this post from John Adams at dadbloguk it reminded me of a pet hate of mine. Why is it that the first thing people comment on when they see my daughter is her looks? Don't get me wrong she is a little cutie. Yet there is so much more to her than her hair and looks. She … Continue reading My Daughter Isn’t a Pretty Girl

My Sunday Photo 8

If you've been following my Instagram feed over the past week you'll have seen me contorting my body into unnatural positions. Somehow I'm still not sure how it happened but Rod at Modern Dad Pages Nigel from DIY Daddy and a couple of other Dad's have been doing a #dadsyogaoff. Today is day 7 of the 10 day challenge … Continue reading My Sunday Photo 8

From the Mouths of Babes 5

We've already covered how Little Miss OMG loves books in one of our #MySundayPhoto posts. She loves Baby Farm Animals (Little Golden Book Classic) and the other books in this series. Last night she was sat on my lap and we were going through the book. I'd point at the picture and ask her what it was. "Goggy" Doggy "Ish" … Continue reading From the Mouths of Babes 5

My Sunday Photo 7

Last week I didn't link up to #mysundayphoto linky as I'd joined a few others and time wouldn't allow commenting. The post is here. This week it's all about Little Miss OMG being sick and her new duvet cover. Another throat infection, this time it had gone into her chest as well! The poor girl was … Continue reading My Sunday Photo 7

My Sunday Photo 6

Last weeks post was all about how active Little Miss OMG is. This week it's about reading. When I was younger I loved reading. We would take trips to the library and I'd check out the full amount I was entitled to. I would read anything. Biographies, autobiographies, murder mystery, sci Fi you name it. I don't … Continue reading My Sunday Photo 6