A Shocking Development

I have to say this development has thrown me a little bit. We’re not talking about the announcement by Buddy that he wants a Leicester City Jersey with a number 9 and Vardy on the back! 

We survived the sale of Bale to Real Madrid with Buddy’s worship of Hugo Lloris, the Spurs Captain. I’ve no idea what has sparked this mutiny but I’m hoping a dismal Champions League and Premiership season by the foxes has him asking for a Spurs shirt emblazoned with Kane next year.

It wasn’t even the fact that after years of buying crap cars Mrs OMG finally decided we should take out a loan and buy a half decent second hand car! A long day in the car only enhanced my knowledge that Little Miss OMG is a bloody great girl. Besides one cranky half hour when she was tired and hungry she was an Angel the whole time. We are now the proud owners of a Vauxhall Zafira CDti 2006 model.

A more detailed post on this little beauty will be coming soon. Watch this space!

So what could it be that has caused so much consternation! I’ll tell you. My little shadow, the one who I fed every bottle at night, the little girl who I paced the floors with when every single one lf her teeth came up, the tiny baby whose cot I sat besides all night and day when she was in hospital for 3 days, the same little girl who has watched every wee and poo I’ve done since she could walk as she couldn’t be without me for five minutes is now looking for her “Mammy!” 

Yes, the sleepless nights, the cuddling, the drool down my back, sleeping on the sofa because she was sick and needed the heat from the fire, counts for nothing as for no conceivable reason she wants “Mammy” to comfort her and when “Mammy” goes off to visit friends I’m not good enough anymore!

I realise it’s probably just a phase, but I thought we had a stronger bond than that! It feels the same as when my 6th Form crush asked me to invite her to the 6th Form social, only to tell me she fancied someone else!

Hopefully it won’t be long until I’m the one she looks for again!

I’m enjoying peeing on my own though.


14 thoughts on “A Shocking Development

  1. Haha!! That’s funny. Further on from weeing by yourself, I sneaked out yesterday and crossed the road… Without the green man telling me it was OK! Such pleasure! Our little boy has always decided who he prefers on a more rolling 24 hour rota with subject to change at any given second 🙂



    1. Yes. I would have been happy waiting till a reasonable hour though!
      She soes have odd moments when she will look for Mammy, but in the main it’s me. There were a couple of days though when it just seemed to be Mammy.
      Thanks for commenting.


  2. Ha ha, yes, I suspect this is a phase. Enjoying your brief spell urinating o n your own. I look forward to the car blog post. I only recently discovered the joys of people carriers and I’m a little hooked. #BinkyLinky


    1. It didn’t last long! It’s the simple things in life I lust after now. Peeing on my own, eating food that hasn’t been licked or half chewed already and waking up when the alarm goes off. NOT by an empty bottle in the forehead and shouts of More, More!
      Thanks for hosting


  3. The twins are all for mum I wrote a similar post couple of months ago to be honest feel like a spare part at times great post mate Thanks for linking to the #binkylinky come back next week please

    Liked by 1 person

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