Is this the Most Important Thing to Teach our Children?

Now don’t get me wrong there are many, many important things we need to teach our children, compassion, gentleness, kindness, lifeskills, cooking, overcoming adversity, etc etc

In this modern world, a world of technology, a world where terrible things happen daily, a world where sometimes it’s more important what you look like than what you say, where peoples self esteem is based on clicks and shares. Where split second decisions are made based on looks and brand choices.

Movie and music stars carry more sway than teachers and lecturers! A Snapchat star can earn hundreds if not thousands by endorsing a certain product.

People lust after the latest and greatest gadget.

We are all trying to fit in. Trying not to be the one that stands out. I know from personal experience this doesn’t work in the long run. 

As a parent I’ve seen that look of joy on my kids faces when either Mrs OMG or I praise them. We all seek approval, initially from our parents, then friends, co workers and even strangers. In todays connected world this search for approval is magnified. We become obsessed with likes, shares and views. A hundred hearts on an Instagram upload gives us that feeling of approval.

Our kids see this, no one wants to be the one that is different, that stands out! From an early age children see different as bad, movies and T.V. shows nearly always have a character who is different and therefore either the butt of jokes or friendless. The villain is normally different.

We should be showing our children that different is good. To embrace the things about themselves that make them different that make them unique.

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Big business spends millions every year persuading us otherwise, that we should wear certain clothes, smell a certain way use their phone or drive their car. That by doing this we will be popular and happy.

True individuality is rare, but like a perfect diamond it should be admired and encouraged, in my experience true individuals are happy and content. 

I for one try my hardest to ensure that my kids know that they don’t need to fit in, that they can be who they want to be. Like what they want, listen to the music they  want and wear what they want.

What do you think?  


5 thoughts on “Is this the Most Important Thing to Teach our Children?

  1. Yet another brilliant post! It’s so true though so many people spend so much time on fitting in, when in reality it’s our individuality & differences that makes us more interesting. I try to encourage my girls to embrace their differences. I love pointing out to Eva that although she may not be able to do certain things most people can, she excels in other things and that makes her unique and much more interesting and it’s perfectly ok to be different as it would be an extremely boring world if everyone liked the same things, listened to the same music, had the same abilities etc. X

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    1. Yes I agree. I’m the same and one of my pet hates is when I hear the boys laughing at someone who is different. One of Buddy’s friends at school told him One Direction were for girls. I told him not to mind them if he liked it that’s all that matters.
      He’s such a sensitive.
      Thanks for the lovely comment :mrgreen:

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  2. What a great post. Letting my children know that they do not need to do this or that or excel in certain things to ‘fit in’ is one of my main things. Letting them know that being 100% yourself is the BEST thing you could ever be….and if they follow that, they’ll be grand.


  3. To be individual and comfortable in themselves. To love and to know how to be loved. The two are not dissimilar. These are very important skills to teach our kids. I thin also to teach them how to take the rough with the smooth. There will be tough times ahead and kids must be taught how to be resilient. Crucially however, they must not simply be taught how to bounce back….they must be taught that they CAN bounce back from the negative things life throws at them.

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