5 Reasons I Hate The Ice Cream Van

I know many people will be astounded by this revelation. They may have nostalgic memories of Mr Whippy rolling into their estate on a summers evening. Music playing, happy kids running behind clutching their pocket money. Getting a 99, with a flake for 99 pence.

Not me! I went to a boarding school in the Gloucestershire countryside. It wasn’t on Mr Whippy’s route.

License: (license)

I can’t even remember him coming down the street where we lived!

Many of you will have these memories but still share my loathing for him.

I’m sure there are more than 50 reasons why I hate that Soft Ice Cream peddling dealer, but for now we’ll go with my top five!

  1. He always turns up at the wrong time! Dinner on the table? Mr Whippy arrives! Just taken the baby out the bath? Mr Whippy arrives! About to put kids to bed? Mr Whippy arrives! I mean he turned up last night at 8.30pm! It’s not even summer and its a school night!
  2. The music is awful. It’s the same crap tune on every single ice cream van! Can’t one of them strike out on their own and be different. Maybe a bit of Beyonce or Katie Perry.
  3. A 99 isn’t even 99 p anymore. Most charge £1.50! How can you call something a 99 if it’s not 99p anymore!!
  4. The ice cream isn’t proper ice cream. Have you ever left one on the counter? It turns into shaving foam! Within seconds of buying it, there are white rivers of melted ice cream running down your childs arms.
  5. There is no communication between different vans. One day THREE! vans came into my estate within 30 mins of each other. FFS even my kids didn’t believe all three of them had run out of ice cream!

I feel it only fair to add a disclaimer. I’m not anti ice cream. I love a nice bowl of ice cream or a cone for that matter. It’s not the price. I’m quite happy to pay for quality. One summer I think I was in line for a share dividend I ate so much Haagen Dazs! I’ve been known to indulge in a cone or three of real ice cream  whilst on holiday

What are your thoughts on Mr Whippy and his ilk. Love or Loath? 


21 thoughts on “5 Reasons I Hate The Ice Cream Van

  1. Our icecream man isn’t very clued up. When he does rock up its about 2pm when the kids are all at school. I do remember my mum cringing when the icecream van came round as a kid as she’d so slowly find her purse in the hope he’d be gone! #effitfriday


  2. Ha!Ours turns up every day just before sodding tea!He has the WORST timing ever and I swear he knew when I’d put them down to sleep as babies,he’d be there with his incessant ding donging every day!!


  3. Lol, when I was a student there was an ice cream van that never had music o and used to turn up on a dodgy estate at 11pm at night. We called it the drugs van ☺️
    I love the traditional idea of an ice cream van but we don’t have one that comes down our street unfortunately #KCACOLS


  4. Hearing the tune in the air brings back summery memories…for about 5 mintutes. Then I start to find it grate on me too. Also, you’re right – they’re around even in the depths of winter. Who wants ice cream then? Not me. And certainly not one that requires trudging outside. #KCACOLS


  5. lol for some reason this really tickled me. especially the “they don’t communicate” – haha. I cant stand the music either. it completely blights a peaceful summers eve, sipping wine in the garden. oh hang on, since I had my boy we don’t do that any more 😀
    Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday!


  6. We have one that comes down our street ( a cul de sac so you know he will be driving past twice!) and the music is so loud is actually makes me jump – it’s unreal! He always comes past when I’m trying to get Arthur to sleep, usually somewhere between 7.30-8.30…who the hell is going to buy a kid an ice cream at that time anyway?! It always wakes him up, he sits up and says “oh! Music! Dancing!” And then starts to shimmy….luckily that’s all he thinks the van provides and has not yet learnt that there are actual ice creams in there or we may have a problem! #kcacols


  7. So glad I am not the only one to tell their offspring that the ice cream van only plays music when he’s run out of ice cream! I can’t understand why he comes round during the winter months; would it not be better to diversify and sell hot dogs and burgers when it’s cold?

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