Why I Don’t Watch My Children at Training!

Between Football, Hurling and Karate we rack up quite a few training sessions each week for the boys.

When the eldest started he used to insist we stay and watch him. I think this was more to do with separation anxiety than a desire for us to see how well be was doing!

When they started football training I watched the first years worth of training as it wasn’t worth driving back home.

I then agreed to help coach their teams.! 

After a few seasons this became unworkable, as with most parent coaches I found the boys were complaining I was being too hard on them and their team mates too soft! Can’t win eh!

Since we moved 3 years ago and they have joined new clubs I don’t watch them training. 
When Buddy started Karate he used to ask me to stay. After a few weeks I would wait in the adjoining room. Now he’s happy for me to go and come back when training is over.

There are a few reasons I don’t watch them training.

  1. I found that it was off putting to them. They would be looking at me and not paying attention to the coach.
  2. You can’t help “encouraging” them! Again off putting as that is what the coach is there for!
  3. They need to have time to learn appropriate behaviour without a parent correcting them.
  4. It gives us something to talk about. I enjoy hearing from them what they learned or how the session went.

We go to as many matches as possible, to cheer them on. It amazes me how many parents don’t go to any matches. Even finals! Sometimes it’s not possible with 3 matches on a Saturday. 

What do you think? Do you watch your children at training and just go to matches? Can you watch and stay silent? 


5 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Watch My Children at Training!

  1. My older children all played football I coached one team and it always amazed me how few parents came to watch it was the same ones every week at times I felt like a babysitter great post mate

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    1. I get that about the matches. Some sessions I will watch from the car park to see how they are doing. I used to hate the ones whose parents are shouting at their kids from the sideline when you are coaching them. Thanks Nige 😀

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  2. When the teen was younger she played soccer ( football to you blokes ) and I found it depended a lot of the coach. There were a few years I was an assistant, helping with drills and such, and a few where I would just drop her off to practice so I didn’t get frustrated with the new coach’s incompetence and be one of those parents that nobody likes when it comes to youth sports. Always made sure I was there for games when I could be though.

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  3. I don’t have children but have seen the other side of this all top often. I have a parent manager and they do a great job, zero training or coaching so they have able to distance them self from their child

    Great post !

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