Candid Cuddles #1

I’ve seen this linky by two of my favourite bloggers Prabs and Cuddlefairy a number of times now.

I’ve not linked up till now as I’m not normally one for all those positive motivational quotes. I really am the least motivated person I know! If I had just a tiny bit of motivation lord knows what I could accomplish! I did after all go on a personal development course run by a fantastic life coach, Brian Mayne and all I came away with was this gem.

“If you don’t breathe in sync while making love with your partner you aren’t right for each other!”

Deep and meaningful, I know!!

Upon reflection though I’ve a few quotes that I bandy about quite a bit. There’s also a few I use regularly with the kids. (Don’t worry Becky, FFS isn’t my link up quote!)



This is one I often use with the boys, and I’m sure Little Miss OMG will hear it a few times.

It’s the motto of my football team, Tottenham Hotspur but fits with my attitude to life.

You won’t accomplish anything unless you dare to do it!

Cuddle Fairy


10 thoughts on “Candid Cuddles #1

  1. I’m not that great with the inspirational quotes, in fact my link up is more of a “if people don’t stop saying this one at me I might do swears”. Yours is fab though. I like the snappy ones that we can use with kids. They tend to stick, and I’m all for a bit of positive motivation in the daring dept! #candidcuddles. :0)


    1. I love the way everyone is slipping past what I learnt from the motivational speaker and focusing on my quote!!
      If it wasn’t for football I probably wouldn’t know it. I think I might have to start putting it into practice though!

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  2. YAY! I’m so delighted you joined us for #candidcuddles Alan! You know the quote doesn’t have to be motivational or positive! You can be sarcastic, funny… whatever the mood strikes you. I enjoyed both of these quotes lol & thanks for the mention! I hope you can join us again! #candidcuddles


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