Holidaying Without Your Children!


There is nothing better to chase away the January blues than planning a Summer sun getaway.

There is a whole industry around holidaying with children. Butlins,  Haven, Bluestone and Eurocamp to name a few.

Then there are the package holiday operators offering family breaks in the sun.

There are some parents I know who either don’t holiday at all or leave children with family or babysitters and jet off alone.

I had this discussion with Mrs OMG just the other day. Luckily we both agreed. There’s no way we could go away for a holiday without our children.

Even should she ever make an honest man out of me we’d take the little torments on honeymoon with us.

This is when we all get to relax. See the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of a different cultures.

As I mentioned in this post, we are off on an epic adventure this Summer. We’ve previously Eurocamped twice in France, and once in Portugal. We’ve also had a package holiday to Albuferia and a few trips to Wales and England. All with the children.

The kids love their holidays. We go to water parks. Parrot shows. Play in the pool. Do karaoke (badly by me), go out on pedalos, visit museums and historical sites.

Out for a meal in Albuferia

Yes it is stressful, planning, preparing and saving for the annual holiday. But the benefits far outweigh the stress of planning and saving.

I’ve seen my Autistic stepsons face light up after queing for an hour, when he met Mikey Mouse in Euro Disney. I’ve witnessed the sheer joy of Buddy when he rode a bike with no stabilisers for the first time, at bike school on a Eurocamp site. I’ve seen the eldest lad come out of his shell and make friends with other lads his own age.

If we’d gone without them none of those moments would have happened.

Last year Little Miss OMG got her first taste of a holiday. She had 3 swimsuits, and more shorts and t-shirts than the rest of us put together. She loved every minute of it. Even the plane!

Little Miss OMG in the pool!

I’ve a list of things needed for this summer’s trip. Top of it is a decent camera/camcorder to capture all the memories.

Have you holidayed without your children? Would you holiday without them?


19 thoughts on “Holidaying Without Your Children!

  1. Great post! We do a mixture – our honeymoon was a week in Edinburgh and we went by ourselves whilst the grandparents had Lily (she was 2 then). We’ve been on plenty of trips as a family but we also like to get away every now and then just the two of us, usually on a weekend city break. I travel quite a bit for work but I also go and spend a couple of days with family and friends in Glasgow every few months – sometimes she comes withe me but its not always possible (eg if I’m up there for a no-kids family wedding or am up there for a gig or concert that she wouldn’t be able to attend) This year my husband is going on a bushcraft camping trip with his friends and a long weekend with other friends, we are all going on a family city break and I am going to take Lily to Scotland for a week too, she is going to Turkey for a week with her grandparents AND Disneyland Paris with her godparents so she will get even more holidays than us this year!

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    1. I don’t really count city breaks as a holiday per se.
      I couldn’t leave them and jet off for a week in the sun. I’d happily swan off to Barcelona or the like for a weekend without them.

      Lilly sounds quite the little traveller.

      Thanks for commenting.

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  2. Oh totally. If you’d asked me this a year ago, I’d be like “no way” and much as I know I would miss them, I will totally jet off on holiday without them at some point.
    1) because I am still a wife as well as a mother, and sometimes I just need hubby to myself.
    2) we’ve not had a honeymoon yet.

    Although we are planning a ski holiday with the kids, however they will be in ski school in the mornings, and we will be hiring a nanny, so even though they will be with us, we still get some much needed husband and wife time. Xx

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  3. Which makes Me sound like I can’t wait to escape the kids. That’s not true. We have big family holidays planned to Florida (with the grandparents too!) but as the little people grow, I’m becoming more relaxed about leaving them.

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    1. Well saying that in August Mrs OMG and i will have been together 10 years and I’m rather crap anniversary gifts. So would be nice to whisk her away for a child free night in a fancy hotel.
      I’d probably miss the torments like mad though.

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      1. Oh! We’ve done the spa weekend and been away overnight for 1 or 2 weddings, but that’s not quite sex sunshine and sangria is it…

        Ohhh. Look up Nirvana spa. They have a few dotted around. Or the Hilton /MacDonald (Burlington) range of hôtels x

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  4. Yes I totally would and I have the past but we have never been on a holiday just need and hubby. I wouldn’t leave the kids with a stranger that long. I do travel on my own though and vice versa.


  5. I do go away with the girls on a weekend away once every few years but I would never go away for a whole week etc without the kids it just wouldn’t feel right, like you say I want to share those experiences with them , my parents went to america without me when I was around 15 and I didnt mind because i’m petrified of planes but when they are small I couldnt do it and I definitely couldnt go to another country but the main reason being what if there was an emergency and I couldnt get back quickly??

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  6. Great post !! I would miss my babies too much plus they really enjoy holidays and I think it’s so good for them and the memories are just amazing xx


  7. Great post. We’ve never holidayed without our kids – but then we rarely go on holiday – ha ha! I like the idea of a little bit of peace with the hubby, but then I know I’d feel guilty and really miss them. It’s fun to share our experiences and make memories together. I wouldn’t be adverse to maybe a night or two one day though… x

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  8. Yes!!! As much as I possibly can. With my kids being so young (19 months and newly 3) it is hard for my husband and I to go away together for more than a weekend, but we go away separately too with friends, or pursuing hobbies, to get some “me” time. I even managed just over a week with my sister last month – it was the best therapy ever and I highly recommend it!!!
    Kate R

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  9. I honestly wouldn’t dream of going away on holiday without my children I would miss them too much! I love our family holidays and the time will come for us to enjoy holidays as a couple after they’ve all grown up and flown the nest. They’re little for such a short time when you think about it. This isn’t a judgement of those parents that do, I’m just saying that I couldn’t and wouldn’t do it! I guess everyone is different? When I was growing up, my mother and stepfather went on holiday at least twice every year without me while I stayed with my grandmother and to be quite honest, it made me feel really left out (as much as I loved my grandmother!) Maybe that has shaped the way I feel now that I am the parent?

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    1. Yes I’m the same. Since I became a parent nearly 10 years ago we’ve not spent a night away from the kids.
      I certainly couldn’t go away for a holiday without them.
      Like you say there’s time for that when they have grown up. For now it’s about shared memories.

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