No Regrets

As this is my 100th post and Little Miss OMG still doesn’t sleep at reasonable hours I started a look back over 2 years and 99 posts of blogging in the wee small hours last night.

I got distracted by snow (I’m a big kid at heart, and I was looking forward to seeing Little Miss OMG out in the snow for the first time!) and then tiredness so saved it to finish this morning.

Then I turned on the radio and there was more talk about the incoming POTUS, and the circus that he generates, and I decided to write this post instead.

As my 4 regular readers will know, I was born to Irish parents in England, adopted by Americans and lived in England till I moved to Ireland aged 30.


photo credit: -Visavis- Where are you headed America? via photopin (license)

There are times I’ve wished that I had gone with them to the US when they returned there just after my 18th birthday. The thought of having an American and British passport had been appealing.

Today though I’m actually quite pleased it was something I didn’t do! As had I gone I would still be there now, a naturalised American.

Since Little Miss OMG was born I’ve spent many a night pondering gender issues and stereotyping. I’ve written some posts around these subjects.

Around stereotyping I looked at how we do it to boys as well, then there’s Disney Princesses and of course I had to comment on that Girls Life magazine cover!

The whole reason for starting the blog was because I was terrified at the thought of having a girl, as I covered in my very first post all those months ago.

Baby Pink
Little Miss OMG

The reason I’m happy today that I didn’t make the move and become a US Citizen is simply because of Trump, the man who in 7 days time will be sworn in as the next President of one of the most powerful nations on the planet.

Now it’s not him personally. Although I can find many reasons to dislike him on a personal level, it is what having a man like him will do for women and girls in the US I am worried about.

As with all developed nations there is a large lower class of poorly educated people living in the US. This is the section of America that Trump has galvanised with his talk of “Making America Great Again”

These people who may have had no interest in politics, believed that they were forgotten by previous Presidents and the political class. Now take an interest. This is a good thing, you’d think. Not in this case!

The issue I have is that a country that already has a problem with rape on college campuses. Where a rape victim is portrayed as being at fault because she was drunk, and the rich rapist as being a good kid who did what anyone would have done. Has now elected a man who these people will look up to. A man who has been recorded talking about “grabbing a woman’s pussy”

This type of person will now look to The President as an example, and what sort of example is he! Certainly not one I want my son’s to grow up admiring!

What sort of country are the young women of America going to live in for the next four, maybe even Eight years! The effects of his time in office will ripple down through the generations for many a year to come.

I for one am pleased that I live in Ireland. We are not perfect here in regards to equality. But are improving.

Any country that can go from having to get condoms on prescription, Yes you read that right! in the 80’s to being the  First to vote for same sex marriage just 30 years later is heading the right way.

So I am glad this is where my daughter will grow up.


12 thoughts on “No Regrets

  1. Yep bang on Alan!He’s a vile creature and the total opposite of what you want running the country.You still get to go for fantastic holidays though so best of both worlds!You better stop this regular posting lark,you’re becoming a ‘proper’ blogger instead of a half-arsed one like me!!!

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    1. Yes that is true. From outside looking in the effect he can have on international relations is frightening. But the damage he can cause between Americans is perhaps more worrying.
      The future president shouldn’t be on twitter slagging off an Oscar winner like Meryl Streep.


  2. The man is a menace and it’s unbelievable that any woman anywhere chose to elect him, the man is not only a moron but an utter misogynist, I do feel terribly sorry for all of the democrats and good people who are going to suffer because of his rule, he may be many things but Presidential isn’t one of them

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  3. Yes he certainly isn’t Presidential. The damage he will do whilst in Office is unthinkable.
    I can see him pointing the finger at another leader he disagrees with and saying “You’re fired” he’s that much of a buffoon.


  4. I can’t imagine which small minority in the USA might have voted for him, because he has offended most groups! Sexist, racist, homophobic, insulting to disabled people…. all the things people have fought for decades, centuries even, to rid society of, seem to be still present in Trump. I shudder to think what is to come. No wonder you are glad you didn’t move there.

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  5. I totally agree, I’d hate to be living in the US right now. I do worry about what will happen to the world with the most powerful country in the world being run by a person who thinks the whole thing is a big game.

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  6. So scary what the next 4 years entail with that vile man ! A fab read thanks 🙂 glad you are happy where you are xx


  7. There are many many times when I am grateful for having been born in Ireland. When I see the US being help up as ‘the land of opportunity’ I want to scream…look at your healthcare system, look at your pathetic maternity leave. It is incredibly anti-family. We don’t always get it right here, we are certainly not Sweden, but with the incoming cretin as President I’m delighted I’m not American


  8. Agreed Alan. It is good to be able to look on from a distance. It’s like car crash TV.
    Although I agree with lifeonhushabyefarm since having children I have never wished to live in the US nor do I believe their own propaganda that they are the land of opportunity. No thank you.

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