Is Having A Daughter Still Making Me Say “OMG It’s A Girl?”

Just over two years ago to the day I started this blog. For the simple reason we had been for a scan and Mrs OMG had asked to find out the gender of the baby. (I didn’t! That way I could hope for a boy, in blissful ignorance)

“I think it’s a girl”

Was the answer.

“Oh My God it’s a girl!” I said to myself! And a blog, twitter handle, Facebook page, Instagram, Pinterest etc etc was born.

The main reason was as a way to deal with this news, and maybe get a laugh at some of the funnier sides of parenting a girl. (Parenting a toddler isn’t funny. Unless you find saying things like, don’t draw on the dog! Don’t lick the dog! Why is Peppa Pig on every screen in the house? funny)

In the nearly two years since she was born I’ve learned a lot. The biggest thing is that girls aren’t that different than boys! (Who knew???)
They need food, nappy changes, sleep and Love. Then as they grow they need to be taught right from wrong, how to talk, read, write and arithmetic, with a bit of play thrown in for good measure. Guess what, girls like playing with footballs, jumping on trampolines and going to the park.

No different than a boy really. The only difference is that pooey bums have to be wiped front to back! You’d have thought I was putting diesel into a petrol car the way Mrs OMG shouted “NOOO!” The first time I went with my usual wipe any which way to get the crap off quick method.

Here we are at exactly 4 weeks away from her second birthday and besides the explosion of pink clothes and tiny pairs of tights in the wash basket, there’s absolutely no difference in raising little girls as there is little boys. (Who knew??)

The biggest change is in me. 

It’s a scary world out there to bring up kids. There’s the interweb, online bullying, offline bullying, fear and hatred, terrorism, nutjobs, stalkers, pressure to succeed, no jobs, housing crisis etc etc.

The thing is none of this is limited to girls.

In fact when you look into it, boys have it just as hard in the modern world. Body image, fitting in, stereotyping, etc etc Making friends, fitting in and confidence issues are all issues boys have to deal with as well.

In fact suicide in young men is far higher in Ireland than it is for young women!

So am I still turned into a quivering, rocking wreck in the corner at the thought of Little Miss OMG growing up?

Not a bit. Now I’m reduced to a rocking, quivering mess at the thought of all the children growing up.

Will there be fun times? Yes

Will there be tears ? Yes

Will there be smiles and laughter? Yes

Will there be tough decisions ? Yes

And a whole lot more, we’ll take the rough with the smooth and carry on together as a family.

I hope some of you stick along for the ride, and you never know, you might learn something from our mistakes.


20 thoughts on “Is Having A Daughter Still Making Me Say “OMG It’s A Girl?”

  1. i only have the one, he’s a boy, I was terrified about having a girl , mainly for the teen years – i was such a wicked littly soand so to my poor mother and i thought i wouldn’t cope with that… as it happens i’ve never raised a girl of my own but have had many dealings with young girls and helped then (i think#) through their tender years…and you’re right, concerns are pan-sexual .. good luck and much happiness with your brood x

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  2. Ahhh! My response when we found out we were having a girl was “oh fuck” (the sonographer gave me such a dirty look-unsurprisingly!) we have an older boy and I was so ready for another boy (mainly because it made baby clothes easier!) but 10 months in, the pink explosion has taken over, and I’m so happy to have a little daddy’s girl in the house.

    The future is scary. Really scary. I don’t think the gender of your children makes it more or less concerning. As you say above. There’s is so much pressure on both genders!
    We have an adopted teen too, she’s 14, and has a boyfriend. She’s been living with us for 19 months now, and it has actually made the “how are we going to cope with a teenage girl” question a lot less scary and made me excited for the future rather than fearful. #wineandboobs

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    1. Oh I’ll have to more around your blog and find a post on teenage girls.
      Like you said boys have it just as tough. The only difference is they can’t get pregnant, but they can still help, and then wouldn’t be let away with not taking responsibility.

      Thanks for linking to #wineandboobs

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      1. I’ve not written many posts about her recently, but there are a few from summer 2015. I should probably do an update! Especially as we’ve hit the boyfriends/sex/pregnancy chats! Thanks for inspiring me! #wineandboobs


  3. Great post! I wanted a little girl soooo much then when she arrived I laid at night terrified of how she would grow up and how I would protect her, like you said though boys are the same, my little boy needs the exact same amount of protection maybe even more as us girls are the stronger sex 😉


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  4. ours is the opposite, girls before the boy appeared. My hubby was actually more nervous to have a son. I think he felt more pressure to be a role model, yet he is actually as much a role model to the girls (he just didn’t realise that at first). My son is actually quite different to our girls, I thought their girl germs would have robbed off more, but no he is his own person! My eldest daughter is 12 and that scares me!!!! She heads to high school in Feb. But I also know she is managing, smart and kind girl so I have faith that we will get through the teens. Great post #wineandboobs


  5. I always wanted a little girl and our 2nd was. I worry about her teenage years more than i do my sons, not sure if that’s a daddy thing or not but i know she’ll be fine as will my boy. Great post


  6. I only have boys so I can’t speak to my own experience but speaking as a girl myself I agree that there isn’t that much difference out there between the two sexes as far as facing this world and what it has to offer, both the good and the bad. Thanks so much for hosting #wineandboobs

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  7. Such a lovely post. She’s a lucky little lassie. The only difference I notice is the noise! My boy is four times nosier than the two girls put together. He basically now just communicates in Star Wars sound effects. As for Peppa Pig on every screen in the house? All too relatable! 🙂 #wineandboobs


  8. My family is pre-dominantly female (I include my grandparents, their kids and then their kids). So when my sister had the first boy in our little line of all girls, we didn’t know what to do =)
    Oh, he’s pee’ing.
    In the Air.
    Watch your face.

    Didn’t realize we would be saying this. #Wineandboobs

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  9. I had a houseful of boys then my girl came along and I find her totally different to the boys.She’s way more strong willed than either of my boys who are really placid (except when the teen grew up and got a right attitude).I have the same fears as you though, bullying etc.You just want to protect them from the whole world and unfortunately we can’t we can only do what we can and hope for the best. #wineandboobs

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  10. Yay! I love hearing how people came up with their blog names. Very important on the girl poo nappy whipping strategy! Great family photo. #wineandboobs


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