Is Gender Equality an Impossible Dream?

Anyone who has been following my parenting journey since Little Miss OMG arrived in her whirlwind of pink will know that Gender Stereotyping and media stereotyping feature regularly.

Although I’m not as terrified at having a daughter as I first was, Is Having A Daughter Still Making Me Say “OMG It’s A Girl?” I’m starting to realise that Gender Equality might be a bit like Tottenham winning a trophy.

We talk about it a lot, but will it ever really happen.

  • On the whole women are paid less than men, in executive positions!
  • In the workforce women are still passed over for advancement!
  • Boys are behind girls academically.
  • Take up of Paternity leave and shared Parental Leave is very low!
  • There is still the idea that there are boys and girls toys.
  • Certain jobs are still seen as being for men or women.

The list goes on and on.

A future truck driver?

Even in my house where I am trying to foster a gender equal atmosphere, outside influences have already had a gender bias effect.

The teen often tells Buddy to stop crying like a baby. He’s a sensitive soul. There’s nothing wrong with showing emotion.

Mrs OMG will say we can’t buy that toy for Little Miss OMG as it’s not right for a little girl to play with them.

I find this astonishing, especially as when she was younger her mother used to say her brother’s tea set was hers and she owned a Hurley and Sliother.

Even though there are many of us bringing our children up and pushing gender equality the media, ingrained beliefs handed down from generation to generation as well as society are all against us.

Most top chefs are men and yet in many, many households the women do most of the cooking.

What do you think? Will our generation live to see a level gender playing field or will it be business as usual?


8 thoughts on “Is Gender Equality an Impossible Dream?

  1. I think the most important thing is to treat everyone regardless of their sex as an individual, welcome their successes and support their failures, it’s ok for a child to play with a doll or dumper truck regardless of their sex and I think it’s us as adults that put the sterotyping on them at an early age. Your blog title is wonderful, even before I clicked on it, I assumed it meant you had a couple of boys and then a girl came along. popping over via Lucy at Home and PoCoLo

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    1. Yep. It’s what I try to do. Unfortunately there are so many with out dated ideas and their children pick up on this.

      Yes it was rather terrifying when I found out that the fourth one was a girl. Wouldn’t change her for the world now.

      Thanks for stopping by 😀


  2. I really hope our children will see gender equality. We are really trying to bring ours up as individuals. So far our 4 year old loves playing with ‘Shopkins’ and Frozen figures, as much as he loves playing with cars! It makes me sad to think that one day peer pressure might change his current open mindedness, but I hope not. This is a great post. x

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    1. Again it’s another area that boys are discriminated in. Girls are passed off as Tom boys (an expression I hate) if they play will balls and are outdoorsy. Yet if boys have a sensitive, caring side they are called sissy’s and girlie.
      I do so hope it changes but there are so many children out there whose parents are stuck in the dark ages and their kids are hearing it at home.


  3. We have to carry on doing what we can. I really hope that our children get to see gender equality. I always try to model by example and question any stereotypes that they sometimes come out with. Ideas or beliefs that they have overheard or picked up on in the playground.


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