Wee Wee Roulette 

Now, a few years ago I had a problem with gambling that nearly cost me everything important to me.

That’s well and truly in the past. I’ve not had a bet for over two years now, and no urge to do so. At the time I’d bet on pretty much anything! One of my favourite games was Roulette.
Little Miss OMG has developed her own version that I refer to as wee wee Roulette. 

It’s a simple game, similar to betting on Red or Black and goes like this.

“Wee wees Daddy! Wee wees!”

A quick trip to the bathroom, nappy off and lift her onto the toilet. If I’m lucky she sits there for 30 seconds, jumps off and wipes her bum. Note NO wee wee!
She then pulls up her trousers and wanders off to whatever now takes her interest.

I must then decide is she going to wee (red) or not (black)!

If I think it’s safe she can wander about in just the trousers, if not the nappy fight begins. Sometimes the mention of the nappy has her back saying,

“Wee wees Daddy”

Back on the toilet. No wee!

Sometimes I get it wrong and am then left with the clean up operation. Thankfully she’s not yet hit the carpet. I’ll be dead if that happens!!

The problem is she did this a few weeks ago and actually did a bit of wee on the toilet. She’s 2 so is nearing toilet training time, so we have to take these shouts seriously. 

Roll on summer so we can begin toilet training properly. Until then we’ll continue playing Wee Wee Roulette.

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 credit: Thomas Hawk Bet Red via photopin (license)


12 thoughts on “Wee Wee Roulette 

  1. Hahaha. We used to have poo roulette with Youngest! We used to have to avoid the slide because she would do a poo out of sheer excitement. Once she did it in her swimsuit in the sea. This was after me and Mr C had been having a roulette discussion “do you think she needs to?”, “is she hopping around?” “nope, she would tell us” Followed by Youngest shouting from the sea “Mummy i’ve done a poo!!” Cue screaming kids running out of the sea. Calm down, it’s not jaws, just a poo.

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    1. I’m in knots laughing. We were at the beach with Buddy once and the loos were miles away. Daddy I need to wee. Just do it here son I replied. He looked at me like I was mad!!
      Oh no I hadn’t even thought about poo Roulette!!

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  2. Ha ha – this is so funny!!! Little M potty trained late (3 1/2!) – although he was physically ready he just wasn’t emotionally ready and we had a new baby etc. Luckily we did therefore manage to avoid any of the ‘wee wee roulette’ as he mastered it all in a couple of days. BUT he completely figured out how to shaft the system we set up! He got one m & m for doing a wee on the toilet and a little prize after 3 wees. So he’d go and do a wee, hold some of it in, go collect his m & m, then go and do another one, hold a bit more in, go collect his m & m, then go and finish doing his wee – then collect his prize!!!! We didn’t see that one coming!!! x

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    1. They are so clever aren’t they! She’s not quite ready, but when she runs into the toilet shouting “Wee Wee!” we have to sit her on the toilet.
      We did try her in pants. That’s a post for another day !!


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