My Current Fantasy

I’m not sure whether to be upfront from the start or let you read on a bit to find out what my fantasy is!

Those of you who read my posts regularly, I hope, realise this is not some latex and whips type Fantasy.

For those who stumbled on this page by accident whilst searching Google for tales of Tinder hook ups with hot lonely housewives I apologise. In my defense I’ve not a notion on how SEO works so I didn’t get you here deliberately.

Anyway I digress. I’ll set the background first before unveiling my current object of desire!

My soccer mom Zafira, which has featured before. Most recently here and not in glowing terms. Has been sick lately. €1000 worth of sick and gone for 5 days (and counting). The lovely mechanic gave us a loan of a Ford Fiesta 1.25 Petrol. Small and compact she be though not very fleet of foot. She has served us well though.

Mrs OMG mentioned that we should consider getting a second car. The teen doesn’t want to be seen dead with us nowadays so we don’t need 7 seats most of the time.

This has led to her spending inordinate amounts of time on Done Deal looking at hot hatches and saloons.

I though have been thinking in a different direction. I loved sci fi as a child and one thing I liked the most were  the electric cars. They looked so cool and had no sound but that electric whirr. Since the major car manufacturers started mass producing EV’s (electric vehicles for those of you not down with the lingo) I’ve lusted after one.

I spent hours drooling over Tesla website. I mean look at it!


At a whopping €84,900 for the base model, unless I win the lotto it’s only ever going to be a fantasy. Never mind a second car!

So I’ve had to lower my sights a little. My next stop was BMW. A marque that oozes style and panache. Just right for me.. (Stop laughing!) At €34,000 new, again its out of my meagre budget.

I did find a second hand one for a mere €10,000. With fewer moving parts, reliability shouldn’t be an issue. With annual road tax of only €120, thats less than 3 months tax on the Zafira and FREE recharging at public charging stations, it’s pretty cheap to run. There is also free parking in some parts of Dublin for Electric Vehicles too! Meaning the only cost would be insurance.

It looks rather funky and futuristic too. Just like the cars from my sci fi films used too.

bmw i3

Alas though this is probably a bit out of my budget too. I did then find Renault, who have an Electric Fluence the ZE which can be picked up second hand for just €7,995, for a 2012 model. A bit closer to what I could possibly manage to scrape together. It has the advantage its a full saloon so 4 kids, Mrs OMG and all the crap they bring everywhere with them would fit in no problem.

It doesn’t look as space age as some of the other Electric Vehicles out there, but it would still meet the low running costs criteria.



What do you think? Would you drive an Electric Vehicle?


5 thoughts on “My Current Fantasy

  1. Oooh, I would love a new car. Mine makes a burning smell when I drive it at the moment….pretty sure that’s not a good sign. That new Renault looks like a good choice. I’m not keen on its name though – Fluence. Gives me flashbacks to when I had the Flu *shudders*. Although, I know that’s not what it means but I can’t help thinking of flu!

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  2. We’re looking for a car too but with a growing Labrador puppy, we’re having to up-size! Not too many choices for a 7 seater or a wagon type. I would definitely go for electric but not as many perks as you mention for where you live.

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  3. The thought of a totally electric car scares me, as I don’t think there are enough charging points and I’d worry that I would run out! The hybrids are a good idea though. We’ve moved to lease-purchase on our cars after my husband did some very clever calculations on depreciation v’s fuel economy and cheaper tax and insurance, and managed to convince me!

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