A Sunday Photo 11

Those who follow me on Instagram and Facebook will have seen Little Miss OMG’s growing fascination with piles of stones.

I did my utmost this week to try and get a suitable shot for the #mysundayphoto linky that didn’t involve her being on top of a rock pile!

The boys had hurling and soccer matches, we went for a walk in the mountains with the dog and lots of other fun stuff.

But we just can’t escape the damn rocks. Whilst watching one of the boys hurling matches some of the coaches and volunteers were in the area that will be the training pitch.

Needless to say we went for a nosey. What were they doing?

Where there are rocks you shall find me!

Yes! You guessed it clearing Rocks.  So of course we had to help!


17 thoughts on “A Sunday Photo 11

  1. AH man, my lids are exactly the same. They often come home with pockets full of rocks. I love the sight of Little Miss OMG in front of heavy plant machinery though. Clearly has a future as a protestor! #MySUndayPhoto

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