A Sunday Photo 13

Things have been a bit busy lately so there hasn’t been much time for blogging.

I’m only able to post a #mysundayphoto post each week thanks to the wonders of modern smart phones. Without them I doubt I’d have a phone with me every where we go. Or the ability to lie here besides Little Miss OMG waiting for her to sleep and write the post on my phone!

The last few weeks have been about stones and animals.

This week has mostly been about hurling. Either Matches, training or rushing about buying new hurls, in time for said matches!

The beauty about living in rural Ireland is the location of some of the playing pitches. This week’s photo was one from the schools final.

I think you’ll agree the location is rather picturesque.

Linking up to #mysundayphoto hosted by the wonderful Photalife.



23 thoughts on “A Sunday Photo 13

  1. Picturesque indeed! Having been a city boy for most of my life, it’s only in recent years that I’ve fully appreciated the joys of living in (or at least close to) the countryside.

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    1. I was fortunate that Little Miss OMG wanted to return to the car for her banana and then wanted to stay there. The wind was blowing. Got the best of both worlds stunning view in the warmth of the car.


  2. Love the hills in the background. Dare I say it, it’s slightly reminiscent of Belfast. I remember being in the city and looking up and realising this bustling city was simply surround by hills, and you can see wonderful hills in the distance in your pic. #MyuSundayPhoto

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    1. I’ve never made it as far as Belfast yet. Living in the sticks I see these sorts of backdrops every day. Most of the time I take hem for granted but on this occasion it was all I had to look at.


  3. Very picturesque and I can definitely relate to a life revolving around sport! It’s football and rugby for us, although thankfully both seasons are over now until August/ September.

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  4. I love the cloud formations and it’s always great to see a big sky. What a place for a hurling match!

    My wife’s from Monaghan so we’re back and forth to Ireland a few times a year. She also has family in Cork so I get to see quite a bit of the Irish countryside and it doesn’t disappoint!

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