My BiBs Inspire Nomination

So there’s a stir in the blogging world. Posts are being written and campaigns have begun, seeking nominations.

Yes it BiBs 2017 time.

Last year some of my favourite bloggers were nominated and made the shortlist. Some even went on to win.

Awards of any sort are a funny thing. Some see the receiving of awards as a sign of success.

Others value the recognition from their peers and see it as a sign of popularity and affirmation of their work.

Whatever your feelings on awards I am writing this post to request a nomination in the Inspire category. Not for myself. For a good blogging friend of mineΒ Martyn Kitney

He was one of the first Parenting Bloggers I encountered when I first joined the blogging ranks.

Since that first tweet he has been nothing but a great friend and a source of inspiration.

A divorce, mental health issues, Single Father, Home Educator as well as living with MD.

How he finds the time to post almost daily I don’t know. As well as running a monthly links for blogging tips and tricks.

He is always there to help with blogging or social media related questions.

His blog shows what a caring father, Educator and Inspiration he is.

Here are some posts that show what an inspiration he is.

I don’t like it but I understand

I Don’t Need a Carer

Turning 21
I hope this may suade some of you to pick Martyn as your Inspire Nomination.

Just to help you out here’s a link to the nominations page.

BiBs Nomination Form
Blog url is



9 thoughts on “My BiBs Inspire Nomination

  1. I already voted for him , I completely agree, since you introduced me to Martyn he has helped me massively, helping me with things that other people may have made me feel stupid about. I absolutely have no idea how he managed everything he does, he is an inspiration. I moan and groan and whinge and I don’t have half of the issues that he does and he doesn’t even grumble. He just gets on with it.

    I also want to say you also deserve a nomination, without you I would still be stuck on Facebook not really having a clue. YOU introduced me to Martyn and the blogging world properly and because of you I now have people around that I would call friends. Thank you OMG

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