The Strange Case of the Lost Sock

There are some things that not all parents experience. Some babies sleep like angels from day one. Others have little vampires like me. Some take to the potty with ease others get to play Wee Wee Roulette.

One thing I think we all share is the lost sock phenomenon.

I was sorting out Little Miss OMG’s clothes today and found a number of odd socks. Some are from the washing machine. (We all know they eat the things!) Others are from episodes like this one.

One day when Little Miss OMG was a few months old we went for a quick trip to the shops. Only a couple of things to get. So being the proud Daddy I just carried her in my arms.

Quick whizz around Tesco. Into Dealz and a short walk across the road to Specsavers.

After booking in my eye test and confirming the youngest lads Tottenham glasses were in. There was a short walk back to the car.

Now bear in mind throughout this whole expedition Little MISS OMG had been on my shoulder fast asleep.

Not a whimper or movement out of her.

Imagine my surprise then, when putting her into her car chair to see one bare foot.
A quick check on the path between the car and Specsavers, no sock. A look inside the shop. No sock.

I wasn’t retracing all my footsteps. Litle Miss OMG was getting a bit heavy and my arms were still sore from shovelling concrete all day yesterday.

Where did the sock go? How did it fall off? Why didn’t I notice?
This is not the first time this has happened. Her brother was well known for losing socks and shoes. Never a set. Just one of them.

Does your little one regularly lose things when out and about with no explanation?

Have you found baby socks and shoes when out shopping? Is there a pint sized thief stealing single socks and shoes?

Maybe I’ll have to tie a piece of elastic from one sock to the other and feed it up the trouser legs. Like my mother had to do with my mittens.Wee Wee Roulette


4 thoughts on “The Strange Case of the Lost Sock

  1. Ha this happens a lot. Even my 2 year old loves taking her shoes and socks off when we are out, I usually find odd ones in the back of the car. My eldest lost shoes a few times when she was little – luckily we found the Clarks shoe she lost within days of getting them! I wasn’t happy at at the thought of paying £30 to replace them!

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    1. Buddy was a nightmare for losing shoes and socks. Little Miss OMG wasn’t keen on shoes so was forever losing socks. As for the teen and preteen I’m sure there is a sock Bermuda triangle under their beds.
      Glad you found the Clarkes shoe.


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