A Sunday Photo 14

It’s been a few weeks since I joined in with #mysundayphoto

We’ve been a bit busy and I keep forgetting
 to take pictures.

With the recent warmer weather we’ve been outside a lot more. We’ve also had Buddy’s Communion. You can see what he wore here.

Little Miss OMG loves being outside, rain or shine, but has really been enjoying the chance to be outside even more in the sunshine.

On Friday we got a call from a friend to say call over she had a paddling pool up.

I wasn’t sure Little Miss OMG would actually go in. She leapt straight in and was the last one out. A water baby in the making.


13 thoughts on “A Sunday Photo 14

  1. Funny how kids often surprised you like that isn’t it? You don’t think they’ll like something but they do. May have ot buy your own paddling pool #MySundayPhoto


  2. Lovely photo! My daughter keeps nagging for a paddling pool. I feel very guilty that we seem to be the only people who don’t have one.


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