Dear Sky (A break up letter)

Dear Sky,

We’ve been together for some years now. You enticed me in with a special offer, free installation and half price Sky Sports for 6 months.

At times I took you for granted.  A press of the remote and you came to life. Bringing a world of wonder and entertainment into our living room. As well as the bedroom. 

You were always there with something to watch no matter the time of day or night. When Little Miss OMG needed night feeds or was teething. I’d watch Hawaii Five-0 or The Blacklist.
With Sky Go and Catch Up we could watch anywhere and see programmes we’d missed.

We also took in your Hub providing access to Xbox Live, PSN Network not to mention Twitter, Facebook and everything else the internet has to offer.

We bought from your Store, and filled your hard drive with recordings.

For many years now you’ve made us laugh, cry, amazed us and thrilled us.

I watched Gareth Bale become a Superstar that night in the San Siro. Saw one of our own rise to the top of the scoring charts not once but twice. Jeff Stelling and Co have got me through many a Saturday afternoon, let’s not forgot  those late nights with Jim White on deadline day. 

Just lately you’ve been commandeered by Little Miss OMG and are forced to show Peppa Pig, Ben and Holly and Paw Patrol on a seemingly endless loop. You do this without complaining. Always ready to show those same episodes over and over and over again.

The magic just isn’t there anymore. It’s not you. You’re still the same. A bit more expensive, but barely changed.

I know there are apps now. But the novelty of changing channels from the kitchen on the Sky + App wears off fast. 

I’ve tried to leave you before but you talked me round with offers and discounts. 

This time though I’m really leaving you. There’s no one else.  Yet! But I’ve found myself looking elsewhere. 

A sneaky look on Vodafone’s site. Eyeing up my neighbours Eir modem. It’s sleek lines and lights catching my eye.

I even tried Virgin Media but I’m out of their area.

You see 10% off for 6 months just isn’t enough anymore. 

Sky Atlantic and Fox aren’t enough. The kids are older now and costs are rising. I was a bit upset when you gave tablets to new customers.  Not cheap ones but Samsung no less. 

I recommended a friend, but got no reward. Her package was too small, apparently.

You brought out Sky Q and I thought you’d redeemed yourself. The box looks so smart and the mini box would fill that wifi dark spot. That is in my bedroom.

Alas there’s a fee. Quite substantial at that €180 for the installation.

I was going to leave there and then, but you had me locked in to a contract when  I upgraded to Fibre.

Well time is up and it has coincided with the news that a new customer gets a free Samsung TV, cheaper install AND half price movies and sports.

I feel used. I told everyone how good you were. Let them use my Sky Talk to ring you and sign up.

I hope we can still be friends. I might let you back into my house at sometime in the future.

For now. Take care.
Customer number 3255894569


20 thoughts on “Dear Sky (A break up letter)

  1. Brilliant! We’ve not long knocked our sky back down to the basic package after years of paying about £100 a month. The value just isn’t there anymore and we haven’t really missed the extras we were paying for.

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  2. Id love to tell Sky To feck off too,but unfortunately the only other option for us is Eir and they are 100 times worse. They managed to leave us without internet and phone for nearly four months due to a botched installation job. Back with Sky now. 😞

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  3. I broke up with cable almost 3 years ago, I rarely miss it! I just couldn’t justify the cost any longer and the fact that they cater to new clients and not loyal customers made me angry. I’m was paying 3 times what a new customer did and for the same crap service. Now I Netflix and use my Amazon Prime subscription. For my FAVORITE shows, I buy the Season Pass on iTunes and I can watch it the same night it airs on tv. #ThatFridayLinky

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    1. It’s the huge discounts for new customers along with annual subscription increases that really bug me. A new customer can get what I’m paying €100+ euro a month, for a fraction of that.
      I could cope with just wifi and streaming but Mrs OMG likes some stuff that isn’t streamable.
      I’ll have to find a cheaper option. 😆

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      1. I know a lot of my favorite channels have their own subscription services that charge about five dollars a month. So if she only likes a few channels, it might be easier to just get her a subscription to each one. CBS just started doing it which is awesome because they’re one of my favorites!

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  4. Excellent, I loved reading this and I’m sure my friends and family will too! It seems no matter who your provide is, no matter the service they provide, there will always be a better offer and always when you decide to break that contract!

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  5. I recently had a very rocky break up with DirecTV over similar shenanigans. I have probably spent damn near thousands in 15 years with them on PPV boxing alone and still couldn’t get a break.

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  6. Alan truly brilliant I have to admit I divorced sky many years ago way too expensive great idea mate great read Thanks for linking to the #THAT FRIDAY LINKY come back next week please

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  7. Hahaha, nicely done my man!! Sky are all fur coat & no kickers it seems. Promises & promises followed up with empty actions! Everything has a shelf life and it appears yours & Sky’s is now. Enjoyed this. #ThatFridayLinky

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