So today was Father’s Day. A day to celebrate being a Dad, to thank your Dad for doing what he should have done anyway. A day to whinge about an absent Father or complain because an ex won’t let you have the kids on YOUR day.

Today passed just like any other Sunday in our house. I did get a card and mug from the kids. Slight cock up on the mug.

Mrs OMG shouldn’t have ignored those last three opticians reminder cards. She thought it said Super Great Dad 😂

Then off into the car we went to cheer my step sons on in their hurling semi final and then final.

The sun shone, there was some great hurling and everyone had a brilliant time. Besides that card and mug you wouldn’t have known it was Father’s Day. Just the way I like it.

I really don’t see the point of having a “special” day, just for doing the things any Dad should do. It fits in with my not tipping hairdressers, taxi drivers etc. They get paid for doing their job, why do we feel the need to give them more?

Some people deserve a special day. Members of the Armed Forces and the Emergency Services. These men and women risk their lives to keep us safe. Spend months away on duty.  Move at short notice and watch the friends they’ve made move away. Miss out on a huge part of their families lives. Births, deaths and marriages, not to mention Sports Days, School Plays and Parents Evenings.

Yes you can argue, they knew what they were signing up to when they enlisted. True to a point. Many will have joined up at sixteen  or seventeen years old. I don’t know about you but at that age I barely knew what I wanted to do for a job. Never mind thoughts of children. 

So today think of  Papa Tont, a friend and blogger currently on active duty serving in the army. (And all the other service men and women)  To them today was another day in the field. Another day wearing khaki. Another day away from their partners and kids. Another day with no thanks for keeping us safe. Just like tomorrow will be and the day after. 

I will appreciate my children a bit more. The fact I spend all day every day with them. Get to see every play and sports day. Have been for nearly every A&E trip or hospital appointment. After all I wouldn’t hold the title of Father if it wasn’t for them. 


5 thoughts on “Father’s Day Who Cares?

  1. Couldn’t agree more. I’ve thought about him. And others in fact. I’m lucky to have mine now and we practically did nothing from the norm. Well apart from the fact that I got to choose which film we watched.


    1. I don’t have that luxury. The Vampire is still awake. So it’s Puffin Rock. But you know what. It won’t be long till she’s in her bedroom watching youtube on her smartphone whilst I have the tv to myself. So I don’t mind at all.


  2. I totally get where you’re coming from, particularly when I’m pretty sure Clinton’s invented Father’s Day. Still, beyond the cards and funny token gifts it’s a nice way of marking your appreciation of what you’ve done. I might not asked for anything this year, I don’t want a fuss but I still called my Dad and said hi.

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  3. Yeah I could take it or leave it if I’m very honest. That said, it is nice to get something & I love seeing the fun my daughters get from being the ones to give me their homemade cards etc. That said, your point about those in service is spot on man. They are made of some pretty amazing qualities #respect

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