Although we’ve only been back from the US since Friday, it feels like it’s been a lot longer.

This may in part be due to the shock of returning to normality after a wonderful two weeks in the sunshine. Having fun and meeting family. You can read about some of our adventures here and here.

It could also be due to this weeks word of the week. Jet lag! 

Will she ever get back to a normalish sleeping pattern? 

Now dont get me wrong. Even before the holiday Little Miss OMG wasn’t the best sleeper. If we could get her to nap between 12 and 2pm then she’d fall asleep about 11pm and besides a couple of wakings looking for a bottle or for a whinge she’d sleep till the following morning.

There were some days she’d nap earlier or later and it would be a nightmare. 

All night long!

Since our return she has been all over the place. Take the last 24 hours for example. We went shopping yesterday morning at 10.30 and she was still asleep. So I carried her to the car and strapped her in. Still asleep!

Drove for 20 minutes and ran a few errands. Still asleep! Drove for an hour. Still asleep! 

It was about 12.30 before she woke up. Shoping completed. We went home. Where she spent the rest of the day running around non stop. At about 8 pm she started to nod off. So into the bath she went. Eventually at 9.30 she fell asleep.

I went to bed myself, just in case she wasn’t down for the night. At 2pm my fears were realised. Bright eyed and bushy tailed she woke. She ate, played, watched t.v. and tried to go outside and play. Finally at 6.30am she went back to sleep!

Is it old age?

I’m fortunate that I’ve made the overnight journey from the US to UK/Ireland a few times before.

Never has it been as bad as this. Is it because this is the first time I’ve made the trip with a toddler? Is it because I’ve not had a routine to go straight back into? Studying or work? Or is it just because I’m getting older now?

Whatever the reason I hope it passes soon. I’m not able for this staying awake all night lark anymore!


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