I’m from the last generation that grew up using a watch to tell the time. When someone asks me the time I still automatically look at my wrist. Even though I seldom wear a watch these days.

Setting aside piercings, there aren’t many jewellery items for men. A necklace, bracelet and the wristwatch.

For years they have been a symbol of status. The diamond encrusted Rolex, Tag Heur and Breitling are all names synonymous with style and wealth. Rappers, movie stars, musicians, businessmen and sports stars have all been seen wearing them.

In the 90’s fake Tag Heurs and Rolex’s could be found on every market and at car boot sales. At £40 they still weren’t cheap but were a lot cheaper than the real thing!

As a child my sister and I would divide the family assets between us. I was always happy with my Dads Rolex, that he bought in Hong Kong in the 70’s. My sister could have the house, furniture and everything else.

He has now stopped wearing it and has it put in a bank safety deposit box for safe keeping. This does mean I’ll probably have to do the same so that I can pass it onto my son.

At one point I owned a half dozen watches. An Armani for work, a Casio G-Shock for playing sports in, a silver bracelet watch for going out in plus a couple of others.

My three boys were all given Casio G-Shocks for Christmas by an Aunt. They are all sat gathering dust on their window sills!

With the advent of the smart watch people who wouldn’t probably wear a watch are now wearing them. Although they look stylish enough and obviously can be customised with different screensavers they, (in my opinion) don’t allude to the same degree of style and panache.

What do you think? Do you still wear a watch?

photo credit: Anders V Rolex Explorer via photopin(license)


8 thoughts on “A Watch for all Occasions

  1. Alas because of my metal allergy I haven’t worn a watch since I was a teen. I use to have a silver watch but as I got older I became allergic to that too. These days I just make sure every room has a clock and am never without my phone to check the time.

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      1. Usually you will find the plastic ones have metal buckles and metal on the backs of the watch face. I was really excited when people started reviewing the wooden ones but theyre the same

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  2. I’m with you! Totally lost without a watch. I’m also with Mrs A though and sensitive to anything but gold, silver or stainless steel. My current watch is 10 years old now and I’ve no plans to swap it any time soon. I’d feel like I’d lost a limb without it! #globalblogging 😊

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    1. There are some really stylish ones out there. I think a good watch makes even more of a statement nowadays as there aren’t many people who wear them. It’s all smart watches and fitness trackers.


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