6 years ago I became the happiest man alive, when my little man was born. Along with my girlfriend’s two boys from her marriage we decided we had enough children. He is my little buddy, and we do everything together.

Then last year, in what can only be described as a moment of madness we decided to have one more. At the time I wasn’t bothered if it was a boy or girl. The more people said “Bet you’d love a little girl” “Wouldn’t a daughter be nice” The more I wanted a boy. I know boys. I was one after all. I see teenage girls down the town, on Facebook and at friends houses and the thought of one of my own terrifies me.

We decided to find out so we could try to break the news to the boys, and she don’t tell the Mrs but also to give me time to adjust, just in case. At the first scan it was a boy, but not definitely. Second scan a girl! Third and fourth legs crossed!!

Friday was 37 weeks 4 days into the pregnancy. I couldn’t go in as we had no babysitter for the boys. Herself came out and told me 100% its a girl. “Ah they make mistakes all the time” I said.

I think I’m just kidding myself! Still though I can’t look at girls clothes. I’ve had the excuse we don’t know for sure up till now. The poor child has a few neutral baby grows and vests.

This blog will be my attempt to make sense of the chaos and madness I know is going to enter my life, like a tropical storm. You know they were only called after women for years for a reason.

Well hopefully you will join me on this whirlwind as I raise my first and only daughter. There are definitely no more children after this.


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