Is our Education System past its sell by date?

How has education changed in the twenty years since I was at school. Not much is the conclusion I reach and ot doesn't look like changing any time soon.


Word of the Week 1

We've already covered Little Miss OMG's love of the outdoors and her determined streak here, and how she can tell a fib or two here She also has a mischievous streak!  Her vocabulary is coming along leaps and bounds. It seems every day she has new words. Meam = Ice Cream (It also doubles for trampoline) No swiftly became … Continue reading Word of the Week 1

Same Sex Or Mixed School?

My education was a bit different than most. After leaving a mixed primary school I went to New College School, Oxford a private boys school. There were a few issues with this, some school related others non school related that meant I only completed First Form. A brief spell of attendance at the Middle School … Continue reading Same Sex Or Mixed School?