Bye Bye Nappies

A look at how we are progressing with potty training.


The Modern Boy

The modern boy aged 6-12 spends a total of 29 days and nine hours playing video games, attends four birthday parties and receives 143 pieces of homework all in a single year, according to new research. Which doesn't sound too different from when I was that age over 30 years ago!   And the typical … Continue reading The Modern Boy

5 Reasons I Hate The Ice Cream Van

I know many people will be astounded by this revelation. They may have nostalgic memories of Mr Whippy rolling into their estate on a summers evening. Music playing, happy kids running behind clutching their pocket money. Getting a 99, with a flake for 99 pence. Not me! I went to a boarding school in the … Continue reading 5 Reasons I Hate The Ice Cream Van

Great start to a Blogging Week

Well what a start to my blogging week. Yesterday saw my first guest post. This was on Hosted by the lovely Mary. A cancer survivor who now shares her love of music through her blog. Please do check it out. I also received a Leiber Award from Laura over at She set some … Continue reading Great start to a Blogging Week


When I started this blog it was with the intention of blogging about the highs and lows of raising a girl in a house of boys. Since reading The Dad Networks post on setting blogging goals. I've rethought what I hope to achieve, and where I want the blog to go. The main things I … Continue reading Changes