Word of the Week 7

This weeks word of the week is Jet Lag. Find out how it's affected Little Miss OMG.


Word of the Week 6

A shocking survey showing how children pick up negative body image.

Word of the Week 3

We missed word of the week last week. Week One's word was What?  For week two we had Genetics. There can only be one word this week. Sleep! Well more accurately lack of sleep. Buddy wasn't the best sleeper. In a moment of generosity (read madness) I said I'd do all the night feeds. At the time I didn't … Continue reading Word of the Week 3

Word of the Week 2

Last week's word of the week was all about Little Miss OMG and her current favourite word. You can find out what it was here. This week's word is a little bit different! Genetics One of the things an adopted person (like myself) misses out on is family medical history.  I've lost count of the times … Continue reading Word of the Week 2

Word of the Week 1

We've already covered Little Miss OMG's love of the outdoors and her determined streak here, and how she can tell a fib or two here She also has a mischievous streak!  Her vocabulary is coming along leaps and bounds. It seems every day she has new words. Meam = Ice Cream (It also doubles for trampoline) No swiftly became … Continue reading Word of the Week 1