A Sunday Photo 15

Buddy and Little Miss OMG on the farm.


My Sunday Photo 3

In my first Sunday Photo post we saw Little Miss OMG's determination. In Sibling Age Gaps we looked at the strong bond she has already formed with Buddy. For this week's Sunday Photo linky hosted by the wonderful Darren at Photalife I've picked a photo that captures her mischievous side. Whilst waiting for her oldest brother to finish his hurling training. She … Continue reading My Sunday Photo 3

My Sunday Photo 2

Last week's #mysundayphoto was Little Miss OMG at her determined best, playing Basketball. This week's was going to be a nice shot of her inspecting our new mini Rose bush. If you look closer you will see she is actually pulling one of the flower heads. This is because earlier in the week she watched her Mother … Continue reading My Sunday Photo 2

My Sunday Photo 1

One of the best things about raising children is watching them grow from tiny helpless babies that need you for everything into little people, young adults and eventually into independent adults. Little Miss OMG has now reached toddlerhood, with it has come tantrums, foot stamping, and a level of independence not seen in the boys. … Continue reading My Sunday Photo 1