A Sunday Photo 12

A shopping trip to Kildare Farm Foods and Little Miss OMG sees an Ostrich.


Men’s Denim Shirts from Jacamo

Sponsored post - click here for full disclosure statement. As we've covered already First Communion for Buddy is coming up soon. I always wear my suit for the cermony itself, but we are having food back at our house afterwards, so I've been looking at the options available. When stepson #2 made his the weather was … Continue reading Men’s Denim Shirts from Jacamo

Clothes Shopping

So in an effort to get me adjusted to the idea of having a baby girl herself decided clothes shopping would be a good idea. Tesco's were having a sale and bargains were to be had. Off we went. Its not hard to find the girls section. Like a neon pink beacon in the sky. … Continue reading Clothes Shopping